During the years since the company’s inception, we have been thoroughly humbled by the endless support and goodwill we have received by our friends, families, audience members, anonymous donors, reviewers and venues across the country.

To everyone who generously donated to our September Crowdfunder . . .


Martin and Elaine Kingston

Roger and Nicola Killen

Sandra and Keith Wadlan

Steve and Ruth Jenkins 

Alan Ibbotson

Ann Key

Anna Platten

Beth Key

Corinne - (She Writes in Blue)

Diana Hedley

James Allen

Jamie Dennis

Jane Boa

Jen Hodgson

Jennifer Halsey

Joe McNulty

John Palmer

Kerry Horne

Maria Martin

Nicola Tucker

Oonagh Balue

Patricia Smith

Peter Tomlinson

Rebecca Higginson

Samuel Tucker

Sarah Lush

Sophia Warran

Stephen Gruber

Teresa Broglino & Ray Arrell

Thomas McWilliams

Tim Allen

Tim Seelig


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